10 Reasons Why Choosing a Major is Nearly Impossible

1. Because even at the age of 40, it is hard to find people who are sure that they are doing what they want. It is rare for people who are in their early 20s to just know what they want to do for the rest of their lives.


2. Because there are hundreds of majors to choose from, it is possible to like more than just one major and this can get a person conflicted especially if they equally like the choices presented to them.


3.Because people change their feelings about things, there will be days when they will feel so enthusiastic about learning chemistry concepts and the next day they would not care at all. Feelings and emotions fluctuate making it harder for people to choose a major.


4. Because some people are just forced by parents to go to College, and take a certain course. It is not really their decision to further their education; some want to build their own band or be a freelance fashion blogger and skip the entire going to College part.


5. Because there is so much pressure, a student is expected to just know what they want in just a short span of time and this causes stress that blocks them from choosing well.


6.Because at a young age, most people are still figuring out what their strengths and weaknesses are making it hard to select a specific major that they feel they can excel in.


7. Because students are not yet sure what they are most passionate about. If they will choose just about anything that is forced upon them, they may end up not liking it after all.


8. At a young age, many still don’t know why they want to take a certain major. Many are not able to grasp that they need to take this to serve the community and without a purpose in mind choosing a major is near impossible.


9. Most students do not understand how the major works and how it will impact their life in the future. They don’t really know what the job is all about, some just choose the major because some believe it will pay well or is a cool thing to do but there is very little information as to how the actual job will feel like.


10.We honestly don’t know what kind of courses will prove to be useful in the future.


The economy is constantly fluctuating making it harder to assess if a certain major will be useful or not in the future.


15 Questions That Every College Student Has

Life in college is one of the most interesting parts in the lifespan of an individual. It is at this point where dreams are realized. Also it is at this time that most people get their lifetime spouses. However, while in college, the students have common questions about their present life and their future. To be mentioned below are the top 15 questions every college student has.


1. Am I in the Right College?

Every college student at some point might ask himself/herself if the choice of college was done properly.


2. Am I doing the Best Course?

All the students question their choice of courses. This is due to the exposure of a wide choice of courses.


3. Will I Pass All My Exams?

Exams are very crucial in determining the future life of a college student and hence they all question their ability of passing the exams.


4. What if I Fail?

The uncertainty of the future disturbs all the college students. This makes them worry a lot.


5. Am I Behaving Well?

It is at this time in life where people try to experience the life they did not experience before college and would probably not experience after college. Therefore at times the students ask themselves if their behaviors are good.


6. Will I Get a Life Partner Really?

There is a mentality that it is at college level where people meet their spouses. So when a fresher comes in college and fails to get a girlfriend within the first few weeks, this question always lingers within their minds.


7. Am I Good Enough?

Regardless of academic performance, every college student usually question on their ability to be good enough in what they are doing.


8. Will I Get the Job I Want After College?

College gives hope to many young souls. It reaches a point where one asks whether his/her desired job can still be attained. This is one of the most disturbing questions in college.


9. Where Will I Live After College?

Most college students still live under their parents or guardians and therefore most think of where to live after college.


10. Should I Proceed with Education After College?

During the first year of studies, all the students usually say they will continue to further their studies after college but at times goes on they re-think on whether to continue or not.


11. How Can I Get Financial Assistance?

Paying college fee is a bit difficult therefore all students think of how to get financial aid.


12. When Should I Choose a Major?

This again, is asked frequently by students since they do not have experience in choosing majors.


13. What Will My Parents Think if I Choose This Major?

Depending on the major chosen, students ask themselves what their parents would think of such a choice.


14. Am I Popular in College?

Every student has a desire to be popular and therefore will be questioning his/her popularity in college.


15. Is this the College Life?

This question is asked after going through the college life.


7 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before SAT

The SAT exam is a basic exam that has to be taken by any student who wants to get admitted in a decent college. It is something that a person has to be prepared for before taking, otherwise it will hinder them from getting into a decent college. 7 tips on what you shouldn’t do before SAT:


1. Showing up at the exact exam time

Showing up at the exact exam time is a big mistake. If the instruction tells you to show up at 8:30, make sure to be there are the exam area an hour earlier. There are so many issues that could cause your delay; it could be a traffic jam, a stomach ache, parking issues and many others that could hinder you from taking the exam on time. Remember that the lines will be long and the halls will be crowded, the last thing you would want to experience is being the last on the line and not finding the seat that is most comfortable for you.

2. Not wearing a comfortable attire

Looking fashionable during taking the SAT exam does not necessarily mean wearing your high heels and making your legs and entire body suffer from fatigue? This is the time to wear comfortable clothes, clothes that will not make you too cold or feel too warm while taking the test. While a comfortable shirt and avoid wearing clothes like a sequined tube top. This is not the time to expose your body and get unwanted attention from test takers. Also, make sure to wear proper shoes that will allow your feet to relax, remember that the lines will be long and the last thing you would want to wear are killer heels.

3. Skipping breakfast

This is not the time to be focusing on your diet. Remember that the exam will be taken for a number of hours and the last thing you would want to experience is extreme hunger. Eat a well balanced meal for this day, avoid any dairy products that might cause stomach upset and make sure to eat your vegetable and fruits.

4. Forgeting to check the test Centre closings

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if planning to take the SAT exam. There are certain cases where a test centre could close during an exam date. If you miss the nearest testing centre, you will not get excused for missing the test or for being late. Always make sure to visit the testing centre ahead of time and inquire if they will be available during your exam date. Remember that if you miss the SAT exam, there will be no refunds for the SAT fee. Before the day of the exam, make sure to print a new admission ticket and get directions to the alternate testing location just in case.

5. Forgeting to visit the testing location before the exams

There are those who are not really sure of the location of the exams as well as the room. Students will only check the rooms during the exam date and this can lead them to get very late on the exam or lost in the hallway. The best thing to do is to visit the testing area a day before the actual exam.

6. Forgetting to register for the test

If you forget to register, you will not be able to take any of the exams. Registration for the SAT is every easy to do and can even be processed online.

7. Neglecting to take practice exams

Do not be over confident, it would still be best to be prepared than spend money on something that you will not be able to use in the future.


Differences between IELTS And TOEFL

Applying for admission to a university in a country where English is the first language always has a primary requirement of a good command over English in any student. And generally the students with their first language not being English, have to take an exam to show their proficiency in the same. Two major exams that everyone talks about in this regard are TOEFL and IELTS. Here we are going to take a look at the Differences between IELTS and TOEFL.


A great man once said, “To know the difference between some things we must first find out their similarities.” Of course I was that great man. But jokes apart, if you take a look at the similarities between TOEFL and IELTS, you’ll see there are quite a lot. Probably that’s what confuses people. For instance:


  • They are both testing your command on English language.
  • They’re both widely recognized.
  • They’re both used in many universities as a proof of your proficiency in English.
  • Both test your verbal, speaking, listening and writing skills in English.



But they’re a lot different than they appear to be. TOEFL is Test Of English as a Foreign Language and IELTS is International English Language Testing Service. Both the exams need you to pay a little fee in order to take them, but that fees depends on where you take the test and one can assume TOEFL to stay on a bit higher side. On a side note there’s quite a lot of preparation course for both IELTS and TOEFL, if you’re interested.
A few more differences are:


  • TOEFL is recognized in almost all American Universities and most other major universities. The acceptance of IELTS on the other hand, although quite major, is more in the Commonwealth countries. Most major universities generally accept both though.
  • TOEFL is older and more widely accepted, hence it has more centers for examination across the world as compared to IELTS, though the latter has an ever increasing number of test centers.
  • TOEFL is mainly taken as iBT, the internet based test. IELTS offers two types of test, general and academic, the former being for the people not targeting university admissions.
  • If we talk about section specific differences, TOEFL has an orientation towards US English while IELTS accepts UK English, difference being in their origins. The speaking section of TOEFL deals with microphone, which is quite different from IELTS where there is a one on one interview.
  • Even in the listening section, in TOEFL you can expect a standard american accent while IELTS offers a variety of accents which may be difficult for some.


On an ending note, I’d say that both exams are of high quality and wide acceptance and one can choose to give either or both. Major things to look out for would be your target university, command on accents, knowledge and vocabulary and confidence. All the best.


Paying Back Student Loans, Where Do I Start?

To eat or not to eat?

Well, graduation has come and gone, along with all the thrills of having Mommy and Daddy foot the bill. Your on your own now, sucker. Time for you to man up and get a job, pay rent, utilities and even pay your own car insurance.

So, you scored that great job you wanted and you are cruising in high cotton making your own way in life. You wonder what all the fuss has been that your parents have been warning you about. You have SO got this with change to spare for pizza.

Six months passes and you go to your mail box and suddenly you gasp for air. There it is, the letter from the Government Student loan department saying its time to pay up. Suddenly panic strikes, whatta gonna do? How will you live now? Its going to be Ramen Noodels every night for the rest of your life. 



First things first, breathe! Then check out these ways to get those bills paid and still have food to eat.

  • Time to learn what living a frugal life is all about. That means pizza ONE night instead of Seven. Time to act like the responsible man you said you would be at graduation.
  • Sit down and make yourself a logical budget. Not a budget you THINK you can handle, one you HAVE to handle. Even Ramen Noodles can get expensive, you have to budget for those ya know.
  • Remember your going to have either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly auto insurance than can and will sneak up on you like Batman in a bad alley. Prepare for these things by putting up the amount weekly to cover them.

Know all your options with your student loans. There are several programs for loan forgiveness out there. There are other options such as

  • Interest Benefits
  • Repayment flexible options
  • Loan Consolidation
  • Pay as you earn
  • Debt Forgiveness
  • Grace Period
  • Capitalization of interest
  • Income base repayment



If for some reason you stay out too late and are late to work and lose that awesome job you HAD, you need to check in on the Income Based or pay as you earn flexibility programs. Either of these are much better than a default. That will get you time in the slammer with some dude named Bubba. 

There are many options that can help you get through the dark, hungry days.The most important thing to remember is getting them paid if you are not in a position for debt forgiveness. Letting your loans default can cause you years of grief that could have been solved by a phone call begging for mercy to your local IRS student loan Office. Go ahead and give them a call, they are used to guys crying on the phone because they are sick of Ramen Noodles.